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Books – recommended reading list - Best Pregnancy and Childbirth Books

The Official Lamaze Guide to Giving Birth with Confidence – A Must Read Book!
(at the bottom of this page there will be a link to let you download and read the first chapter of this wonderful book free


In home breastfeeding help

La Leche League (Tucson, Az)

Information regarding medications and breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Instructional Guide

Breastfeeding and working

Cesarean prevention & VBAC information

Cesarean prevention and awareness info

Why does Cesarean rate keep going up?


Early Childhood Education at JCC

Chiropractic for pregnancy and postpartum

Aaron Halle, DC, Halle Chiropractic

Michelle Rupe-Switzer, DC, Switzer Family Chiropractic

Melody DeMent, DC, DeMent Family Chiropractic

Consumer education

Questions Are the Answer
Very brief, lighthearted commercial clips from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality pointing out that we are more likely to ask questions about the meal we are ordering at a restaurant, or about a cellphone we are considering purchasing than we are to ask questions aimed at our healthcare.

Cord blood banking

Frequently Asked Questions about Cord Blood Banking

Cloth Diapers


Evidence based pregnancy & childbirth information
Excellent source of information covering everything from preconception to pregnancy, birth and beyond. HUGE collection of wonderful articles. Short video clips depicting healthy birth care practices Booklet describing healthy birth care practices

Sign up for week by week pregnancy e-newsletter focused on wellness and celebrating pregnancy

Coalition for Improving Maternity Services



Monty Python Three minutes of hilarity  poking fun at the overuse of technology at birth. Educational in that it is not too far from some current practices.



Dr. Jennifer Hutchison

Crossroads, Grace & Generations OB's


Dr. Bean & Dr. Delp NW area

Postpartum resources

Solace for mothers - birth trauma suppor


Deb Kortyna


Birth Survey maternity care consumer survey - a resource to help other women and families to make more informed choices when choosing maternity care providers and birth settings


The Business of Being Born - Available on Netflix and

Everyday Miracles Seven minute online video clip showing real women laboring and giving birth with confidence

Birth by the Numbers Examines current less than impressive cesarean rates and infant and maternal mortality rates for the US

Videos for Better Birth Short video clips depicting healthy birth care practices

Well woman care A group of nurse practitioners providing outstanding, individualized primary care for women of all ages