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In oder to allow better continuity of care, I will now be offering postpartum care.

Being a resident of the far northwest side of Tucson in an attempt to limit excessive travel, I will attempt to limit my postpartum work to the northwest side ( I will continue to offer birth doula services all over Tucson and its surrounding areas).

In an effort to stay abreast of the most current information relating to the childbearing year, I attend as many lectures and continuing education classes as possible. I regularly attend the Tucson Postpartum Depression Coalition's meetings as well as LATCH-AZ meetings (an AZ coalition working to make AZ a breastfeeding friendly state).

Postpartum Doula Fees
Minimum 3 hour blocks of time - $25 per hour
Gift Certificates Available - As is the case for birth doula services, I encourage clients seeking postpartum services to ask friends and family to get you what you really need by purchasing gift certificates for postpartum care.


A pregnant woman will be given excellent prenatal care and classes to inform her about what to expect during labor, but little is said about what to expect at home after birth. Many mothers and fathers find themselves leaving the hospital within twenty-four hours with little or no support at home.

The reality of giving birth in our modern culture is quite different from most other areas of the world. A new mother barely has time to absorb the basics of baby care and nursing before she is sent home from the hospital. Many women desire to breastfeed their babies, but the reality of the first weeks of nursing can cause an isolated mom to reconsider her commitment to breastfeed. How does one learn if there is no one to teach and support her through the first difficult weeks?

There is also the reality of a mother's other household responsibilities. These demands don't cease because she has a baby. While one can go without doing some chores for a day or two, by the third day, laundry, shopping needs, and a deteriorating home are hard to ignore. Instructions given to a new mom such as "Rest!", Relax"!, and "Don't do too much!" are next to impossible to follow if one has no support. A new mother can easily begin to feel overwhelmed and frustrated and to feel as if she is failing during a period of her life that should bring her joy.

I can help you and your family ease through the adjustments and the changes a new baby brings. I am a non-medical, specialized support person who, rather than take over baby care, offer instruction in newborn care, calming, massage and breast-feeding. I am also happy to care for your baby while you get some much needed rest.

A mother's job for the first two weeks after birth should be to stay in one place and nurse her baby. Ideally, she should be relieved of her regular responsibilities and focus on her recovery and her new baby.

In "Mothering the New Mother", Sally Plackson writes, "Paying attention to and respecting those needs of the early postpartum weeks at home do not make you a weak or self-indulgent mother. They don't make you a wimp". What a revolutionary thought in a culture where many women have adopted the notion that to ask for help would be a sign of weakness! It is, in contrast, wise to recognize the normal limitations of this period.

Some women and their partners are still able to come home from the hospital into the arms of a supportive mother or friend. For others, a professional postpartum doula is a good alternative. I am experienced without being opinionated and will do whatever I can to make your start as a new family happy and stress-free.

The cost of doula care may be seen by some as a luxury. When you consider that the monetary costs of using formula average $1,000 to $2,000 for a year, $20 per hour for help mastering breastfeeding PLUS all of the other expert care, guidance and support that one receives, doula care starts to appear as more of a necessity than a luxury. The wonderful results which are seen with doula care have prompted many to say “if a doula was a drug or treatment, it would be unethical not to use one.”

Whatever help you decide to utilize, let go of the guilt of having someone do for you. Remember, all families need and deserve assistance and nurturing as they assume their new roles.