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I feel that women can give birth with confidence when they understand the birth process and the options available to them. I also believe that physical, emotional and informational support during this important time in your life can greatly increase your satisfaction with your birth and postpartum experiences and give your relationship with your new child the best possible start.

I am passionate about the value and importance of a good birth experience. My classes and services are tailored to your individual needs and priorities and focus on helping create a joyful birth.
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I am dedicated to promoting mother and baby friendly childbirth through education and support.

The following six care practices adapted from the World Health Organization promote, support and protect nature's plan for birth.  I believe the following are wonderful guidelines to follow as much as is practical in each unique labor situation.
  1. Labor begins on its own
  2. Freedom of movement throughout labor
  3. Continuous labor support
  4. No routine interventions (I do have great respect for medical treatments and procedures when they are used for specific and necessary purposes).
  5. Utilizing upright and side lying positions for birth.
  6. No separation of mother and baby after birth with unlimited opportunity for breastfeeding.